Revisiting an Old Friend

This weekend I had a strange urge to work on Rise of the Dawn. I felt like Obi-wan: “now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.”

Maybe it’s just procrastination. I’ve been writing a different piece and have set a goal of 2,000 words per week, which isn’t a lot but is sometimes all I can manage.

The crazy part is that I actually went ahead and revised what I had for Chapter 28 from so many years ago and then kept going. I dug up my old notes and I more or less remember where the story is supposed to go. The trouble is that I don’t remember everything that happened. There are like 500 characters and places and it’s been almost 8 years.

I have to reread it to catch up but that is what always stalls me when I try to finish this story. The whole thing desperately needs an overhaul but it’s currently some 333,000+ words. So daunting.

As a compromise I’ve resolved to revise only the first chapter for now, then to skim the rest, and see if I can finish Chapter 28. It would feel so great to finish it, though.

Anyway I’m trying to figure this WordPress thing out. I took a look at using Tumblr or Twitter but they  confuse me. I think I’m secretly 100 years old…



8 thoughts on “Revisiting an Old Friend

  1. Old reader of Rise of the Dawn here. It’s so great to hear that you’re writing again–whether or not it’s RotD is irrelevant. The fact that you’re writing is what matters! ^o^ I know the feeling of drudging up old stuff and trying to re-connect, especially considering you seem to have a monster of a fic to re-connect with. e.e

    I was actually thinking of re-reading RotD, which is how I found your blog. 🙂 I never got to finish it in the past, but I do remember the beginning chapters with a startling clarity.

    Tumblr is actually far more simpler than WordPress. WordPress is better in terms of organization, but there’s a storage limit for images, etc., which Tumblr doesn’t have. Twitter, I can’t help you with–I just treat it like a Facebook status update frankly. ^_^;;


    1. Thank you for your offer to help with Tumblr, haha! My question is — what do people do on Tumblr? It doesn’t seem like you can comment on what people post? But I may be totally wrong.

      I finished editing the first chapter of RotD this week! Phew. I haven’t put it upon Fictionpress yet though. Right now I am skimming the rest of the story, or trying to skim it, to refresh my memory.


      1. Ah, you can’t exactly reply on Tumblr unless you’ve been following that blog for…like a week or something. I’m not 100% sure on that. There’s also a character limit. 😦 But, aside from that, generally, replies are done via reblogging. No character limit (well, the same character limit as a normal post, if there is one). It’s very strange! Very different from the typical blogging platforms.

        Tumblr also has an ask system–a reader can “ask” the blogger something. It’s a system that allows anonymous people to ask questions as well, but you can turn that off or turn off the ask system entirely.

        I don’t use Tumblr as my main blogging platform, but I do keep a blog full of reblogged pictures/commentary I find interesting. I generally like Tumblr because of the sheer amount of content–and how easily it can be found. On WordPress, it’s not so easy, imo. The community on Tumblr, however, can both be a godsend and…not. It really depends on which community you get into.

        I’ll try to keep this short (even though it’s already quite long! e.e).

        It’s great to hear you’ve made progress with RotD! Are you planning on changing a lot or…? I know you mentioned in an earlier post about how you’ve changed quite a bit, so getting back into an old work is difficult. On the other hand, I just re-read your blog post again and… You mentioned that you were working on another “piece?” I’m curious to hear what that’s about, if you don’t mind. 🙂


  2. Ahh, thank you for the explanation of tumblr! I think I understand now. When I had looked at it the reblogging confused me a bit. It seems like it would be a good platform for sharing images? But maybe it is good for text too, what do I know, haha.

    On RotD — I only revised the first chapter because when I read it I noticed some typos. It is the first chapter/first impression so I thought that was not ideal. But when I started editing it I couldn’t stop at the basics. It is pretty much the same but with some surface changes. I did remove about 2000 words…. and a minor character ^___^;; You’re right though, it is hard to get back into it. I was 15 when I started that story and now I’m closer to 30. I don’t know where all the time went!

    Oh, I don’t mind you asking about my current thing! I’m not very far along yet, but it is set in a sort of Viking Age alternative universe (900ish AD England/Scandinavia). It is also mm romance because that is what I love to write. It’s about a young welshman who can turn into a hawk and the danish warrior who sets him free (and then captures his heart lol).

    Do you do any writing? 🙂


    1. A hawk, huh? That sounds really interesting. 🙂 You seem to like the historical fantasy genre! ❤

      There are quite a few writers on Tumblr. I don't know how much you've explored Tumblr, so I'll give you links to some of the authors I follow there, if you're curious how they use it.

      – Cordelia Kingsbridge |
      Cordelia doesn't post fics on Tumblr, but does utilize the ask system quite a bit.

      – stereobone |
      stereobone's blog is how Tumblr blogs are normally run. There are fics both on Tumblr and AO3 acct, but there are some fics that are Tumblr-only, like the really short ones.

      Most people these days share their fiction on:
      aka AO3. It's an archive for both original and fan fiction, but mostly fan fiction. I've no idea how submissions there work, since I've never submitted anything or even attempted to.

      I do write. I'm on the same road as you–trying to get back into writing, but I'm not having such an easy time of it. :/ Trying out the urban supernatural genre and also…high fantasy, I suppose? It's not historically accurate, so I can't say historical fantasy. ^_^;;


      1. You are so awesome! Thank you for the information on tumblr. I have set one up but I’m not sure what to do with it, haha. I’m going to give it a test drive. And you’re right, I’m a huge fan of historical fiction. I’m super into the Viking Age right now but I would also like to write a story set in ancient Greece and another one set in the Tang Dynasty in China. That will take lots of research though… and I’m cross-genre! I had started a sci-fi story but sort of stalled out. I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time, so I think I will pick it back up eventually. In terms of reading I’ll read pretty much anything ^____^;;

        I do know of AO3 as I still read a lot of fanfiction. I like it much more than fictionpress in terms of navigation and layout. I haven’t read any original fiction on that site though, I should check it out.

        I’m so happy you’re into writing as well! I love to talk about writing but I’m limited by my subject matter in real life, haha. Do you write mm romance as well? What kind of urban supernatural is it? I also love high fantasy. (This is a total aside, but I had no idea how much inspiration Tolkien took from norse mythology, I always thought he just came up with it!)

        It’s hard to find time for writing, though. It’s sad but it seems you have to pick only a few hobbies. What has helped me write more in the past month is that I have drastically cut down on my gaming time and spend my evenings/weekends writing. I also have a wonderful friend who also writes and we have been meeting once a week or so to go somewhere and write together. This helps as a sort of accountability check, haha. And I made a goal chart! It is to see if I made my goal of 2,000 words a week.

        I tried to follow you on this wordpress but I see it is set to private — does that mean it is only for you, or am I dumb and getting something wrong? (A likely possibility).


  3. My blog here has been discontinued, since I don’t always have access to a computer. So, nope, you’re not getting anything wrong! 🙂

    I don’t write mm romance. Sometimes I wish I did. >..<

    It's been really difficult for me to get into writing, so I'm sorta experimenting with fan fiction, of sorts. I'm beginning to think that original fiction isn't something for me, but it's so hard to let it go when I've worked on world/character building, etc., for several years.

    As for what I write, well… It's… I really like mythology and folklore, especially Japanese and European folklore. I was trying to work that into fan fiction without making it like your typical monster-of-the-week/day. Something more along the lines of Beauty & the Beast, except the Beast was never human.

    I'm kinda running out of time, so. 😦 What made you want to write about Greece & the Tang Dynasty? Both sound very intriguing, as well as your sci-fi story! 😛 I love sci-fi, especially cyberpunk!

    Anyhow, good night!


    1. Oh, I see! Well that makes sense about your blog. I’m glad it wasn’t just me not understanding the internet. I don’t know what I would do without a computer… probably be more productive! But I am almost physically attached to my laptop.

      I am the opposite! I have read a lot of fanfiction in my lifetime but I just could never get into writing it myself. I’m not sure why. What fandom would you write for?

      I’m a big fan of folklore too! Japanese culture/mythology was always a big interest of mine as well.

      I read a lot of historical fiction. I think that is why I want to write historical/fantasy myself. Some years ago I read some great books set in ancient Greece and that inspired me to want to write in that setting. It was the Tyrant series by Christian Cameron. Haha also there was a fair amount of homoeroticism in that time it seems. As for a story set in historical China — the culture is so old and rich and deep. I find it fascinating. I really want to write a sort of western set in ancient China. Plus the whole idea of wushu would be really fun.

      The sci-fi is difficult. I like the space operas but am not into hard scifi and I don’t have a very big science background. I have about 15,000 words of a scifi thing but it is pretty weird hahaha. I had this scene in my head that I just had to write and that was the result.


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